Kale Nuka

Head, Content & Bootcamp Development Program


Kale Nuka is a multi-influential and passionate Entrepreneur.
Founder of Kaybiznet, a Business Development Platform.
Currently works with “The Entrepreneur Africa” a Pan African organization for African Entrepreneurs as a Business Development Strategist.

Popularly known as The Smart Networking Boss, Ms Kale Nuka, teaches people practically, how to make, maintain and leverage on productive connections. Through her “Smart Networking Course”, She equips them with the networking skills required to build their career, grow their businesses and Elevate their influence in any community they find themselves.

She is an SDGs Advocate as she devotes her time and makes contributions and partnership with NGO’s working on them.

Professional Cooperate compere/host and Presenter.

A public speaker majorly on topics such as Business and Leadership

Ms Kale Nuka is Medical Doctor in training at Afebabalola University.

She believes in the expression of her multi-dimensions in media, medicine and Business.