EEC 2020: What You Need To Know Before You Apply

About The Judges & Scoring Criteria

JudgesWhat Judges Are Looking For

The Enterprise Challenge competition will simulate a real-world process of entrepreneurs soliciting start-up funds from early-stage investors and venture capital firms.

The judges will function as early stage venture capital investors deciding on which business venture they would most likely fund.

Most of the judges will be selected from the investment community and have experience to be involved in making early-stage investment decisions on an ongoing basis.

Judges will be provided with a scorecard that will be used as a guide and used for feedback

However, ultimately the judges will base their ranking on where they would invest their money.

The following will influence the judges’ decisions.

  1. The quality of the innovation,
  2. The size of the market, the competitive differentiation,
  3. The strength of the business corporate organization structure and the management team,
  4. The clarity and persuasiveness of the written application & business plan and oral presentation,
  5. Ultimately, the winning team should be the team in which the judges are best convinced and would most likely invest their money.

What we expect from Start-Ups wants to be part of the pitch challenge

This isn’t your ordinary pitch competition. The Enterprise Challenge Competition is designed to test a range of business consumerist skills of aspiring young entrepreneurs who have scalable business ideas with potential for exponential growth.  After you have submitted your application, a Team of Screening Committee will review your applications and select best business applications that meet up the following business idea ranking cretaria:

Criteria For Business Idea Ranking

  1. Clarity Business Model
  2. Potential for scalability & exponential growth
  3. Market demand beyond local market
  4. Have potential to scale beyond local market to national and global market
  5. Well defined Sustainability plan
  6. Well defined corporate Governance and Operational management structure
  7. Potential for positive Social and Community Impact.
  8. Financial Viable & Sustainable
  9. Leadership & Capacity to deliver the proposed business value propositions
  10. Community & Social Impact

After the review of applications, best 50 applicants will be invited to a 5 Days Pitch Competition Development Bootcamp where they will be groomed for the final stage of the Enterprise Challenge.

For 1 Week, you’ll receive mentorship on how to refine your business plan and practice your pitch in preparation for the challenge finale.

At the finale, you and other driven entrepreneurs will compete for the N1,000,000 cash prize and the opportunity to receive follow-on investment from industry leaders.