Ekiti Enterprise Challenge (EEC 2020) is a Social Impact Driven Community based enterprise Pitch competition designed to be an annual event where young entrepreneurs who resides and established in Ekiti Communities with brilliant and innovative business ideas which have potential to grow exponentially and  scale beyond Ekiti Market to a National and Global Market  will be  identified, discovered, Incubated,  funded and  mentored with business support opportunities


EEC 2020 is organized by the Enterprise Growth Initiative, a Non-Governmental Youth Investment and Social Impact Management Organization, established to promote entrepreneurial development at community level as a strategic intervention to foster development and reduce poverty.


Ekiti Enterprise Challenge 2020 mission is to Identify, discover,  fund and mentor  innovative, creative, gifted and talented young Ekiti entrepreneurs and business owners with business ideas that have potential for the following:

  1. Well defined Scalability Plan,
  2. Well defined Sustainability Plan ,
  3. Realistic Profitability & Financial turnover Plan,
  4. Well defined Market Coverage,
  5. Well defined Business Model,
  6. Exponential growth,
  7. A positive Social and Community Impact Model.


The objective of EEC is to support identified business with knowledge, skills and funding to enable them compete and expand profitably in their local area of operation. Through this intervention we envisage the following Impact Deliverables:

  1. Identify local sustainable business with  potential for scalable and exponential growth  capable of boosting local economies and creating  sustainable jobs
  2. Showcase winners as champions and role models for other aspiring entrepreneurs in Ekiti Communities
  3.  Lead to the support and development of sustainable enterprises that will generate wealth and create sustainable job opportunities in Ekiti State.
  4. Encourage and Empower identified businesses  to grow, blossom and improve livelihood of the business owners.
  5. Develop and fund ideas that could help project Made in Ekiti Products and Services to the world
  6. Promote Healthy competition among entrepreneurs by exposing participants to the application of business tools and  provide opportunity for participants to re-evaluate their business for gaps and prospects
  7. Build capacity,  Develop participants’ entrepreneurial skills and help them in reviewing their business plan, SWOT Analysis, PESTEL, BEA, Profitability Rations, Balance Sheet and Cash flow  and other business tools for their ongoing assessments.
  8. Link entrepreneurs to the various financing and investment opportunities and foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem