15 Aug

Overview of EEC 2020

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  1. Ekiti Enterprise Challenge was conceived out of the need to change the narrative, promote and facilitate the development of young SMEs in Ekiti State.
  2. The Enterprise pitching competition has been designed to be a means and strategy to sieve and scout young entrepreneurs with scalable and sustainable business ideas that requires a bit of funding for solidification and advancement.
  3. EEC 2020 is designed to impact lives of aspiring and futuristic young entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas rather than few meaningless empowerment touches that does not meet the need of these category of young entrepreneurs.
  4. EEC 2020 goal is to create a launch pad that enables early-stage entrepreneurs to sell their idea and take the stage to pitch their business ideas to funders and investors for a chance to win grant cash prizes and invaluable mentorship during the process.
  5. EEC 2020 will provide a platform for creative, gifted, brilliant, innovative and entrepreneurial minds in Ekiti Communities to pitch their business ideas, bring their innovative ideas to the fore for possible future development, attract funding and business growth opportunities worth N1,000,000.
  6. EEC 2020 is designed to test a range of consumerist skills and is open to Start Ups Resident in Ekiti State who fall within the 18 to 35 Year age bracket
  7. The First Edition of Ekiti Enterprise Challenge will be holding between Septembers – November 2020.

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