15 Aug

EEC 2020:Rules & Eligibility Criteria

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Are You interested to be part of Ekiti Enterprise Challenge 2020, Below are list of Rules & Eligibility Criteria

Rule 1. Business Established & Resident in Ekiti State

Intending participants must have business established and resident in any of the communities in Ekiti State

Rule 2. Applicant Between 18-35 Years Age Bracket

The Pitch Competition is open to Ekiti  Young Entrepreneurs residents in Ekiti State who fall within the 18 to 35 year age bracket

Rule 3. Business passed through ideation stage

Business idea must  have passed through  ideation stage, be at least 12 months old. The Business Idea should currently been in operation and already generating revenue.

Rule 4. Business Have Potential For Exponential Growth

Must have  innovative product & services with  sustainable business model that has potential for scalability and exponential growth that can scale beyond local market to national &  global market

Rule 5. Business registered with CAC & have corporate bank account

Business Must have been registered with CAC must have a corporate bank account with a corporate Governance Structure

Rule 6. Clarity Business Model with Leadership Capacity To Deliver

Clarity Business Model with Leadership Capacity to deliver the proposed business value proposition

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